Restoration of the M-0804-Z

This beautiful coupe with Spanish registration had been standing for years like so many other coupes. Story of this car is really very nice and unique. My dear friend Jose-manuel from Oviedo knows the car since his youth. He saw this car passing in his neighborhood when walking there. At a certain point he lost track of the coupe. Together with me and another 130 owner who lived nearby a search was needed and succesfully completed in 2015! we found the coupe in a very good spot, in a garage. Story was that both head gaskets were burned during a trip to the south of Spain. owner left the car at this garage to be repaired and he initially did start the repair but left the work after a while probably because he could not find the parts needed. So it was a restoration project and who better then myself could buy this coupe?

the story continues and Jose-manuel asked me to sell the aubergine coupe to him. of course this was no problam as he knows the car so much better than I do and knows the complete history. So a happy end to this story as this car now has the right owner who will take care of it 100%!