Restoration of the A6-43979 (Maremma)

Probably the most desirable FIAT 130 coupe around, “la Maremma” introduced in 1974 as prototype by Pininfarina to boost sales of the 130 line. Along with it’s sister prototype Opera they were presented to complete the 130 program and replace the 4 door berlina version. The Maremma was the extra addition to attrack potential buyers to the Italian marque.

So the myths around the 130 model are plenty and the Maremma is no exception here. some claim no less then 3 or even 4 Maremma ’s were produced and base this statement on various number plates seen on the car. we’ll try to explain as I talk to the people very close to the Maremma who just know the story first hand, or maybe it’s better said second hand…

When the maremma was proposed by Pininfarina in 1974, the world had a huge economical problem due to the oil crisis. Everything got more expensive and the 130 model which already suffered from low sales was under fire. It was to expensive and to thirsty to begin with. So the proposed two new models Maremma and Opera to save the 130 line were declined by FIAT. They both became “one off’s” and were plated to be used in traffic.

So when the car was first plated April 4th 1975, it became the license number A6-43979 which is what called in Italy a temporary plate for use in traffic. September 24th 1978 the car was replated with a combination beginning with TO-M (Torino) the third letter was changed every 100.000 cars registered. And finally the Maremma got it’s Venice plates VE after the car was given by Agnelli to a close lady friend who still owns the car today. You notice I don’t show the complete license and surely will not reveal the current owner’s data as this is specifically asked not to do so. any questions about that will be answered with no, sorry..

Anyway, the hunt for this “holy grail as you wish carried on for many years and all this time the general public, including 130 clubs had no clue where the car was. The awnser was quite simple, it was given by Agnelli to a lady friend, back in the late seventies and never left again. Once discovered by change again articles start to pop up in magazines and 130 fans wondering if it would be for sale, but lets be honest. If you have this unique coupe and don’t need to sell for the money, why should you? A nice gesture by the family was made to lend the car for exposition purposes, that was really cool to see the car “live” It was also shown again during the exebition Le Auto dell’Avvocato

So before going to this show, the prototype had to go to the bodyshop to have herself a new coat of paint. Little scratches and bumps were straightened and all was painted in it’s glorious golden colour again. During this process many detailled pictures were taken and it became clear how the maremma was actually build which for the sheetmetal and classic car restorers among us is most interesting of course. So with the permission of the family I present you these pictures of the process. Please note that I will and cannot show the license plate in any of the pictures as it would be a violation of the privacy of the owner. ALSO DO NOT COPY AND USE ANY OF THESE PICTURES WITHOUT ASKING ME!!

the famous interior of the Maremma was hand made of course. the combi they came up with was Scottish cloth with light beige alcantara, a perfect match!