one of the things people are afraid of when they are interested in buying a 130 coupe or berlina is the problem of finding parts. This website is mainly focussed on helping you out here and finding the right sources to solve the problem.

The saloon version has headlights with a standard of 14.5 centimeter and so it is relatively easy to find an alternative as these were used in so many more cars from that time. But as classic cars get more and more popular, so does the market for spares and aftermarket spares of course. Superformance in England mentioned in the list of links offeres a complete set of Carello Jodium headlights. These are the same for both 130 saloon as the Dino model which you’ll find in their listing. you can also find these headlights at Ebay but as the offers change from time to time, it useless to mention a link here.

The coupe is a bit different story, these were specially designed for the coupe and you won’t find them in any other (production) car. Only a one off Rolls Royce by Frua used them and also some city busses in Italy were equipped with them. There are two different series of these headlights, the first being the most complicated and desirable. it has two big reflectors and in addition one small round one fitted inside. the glasses and the housing of the glass are the same for both. A later headlight unit was far less complicated and housed two reflectors of the FIAT 126/127 etc. model.Word was it had a better beam but in reality the first unit was so expensive to produce that the factory decided to cut these costs and go with a “cheaper version” of course when you restore a coupe it is important to get the version that belongs to the car. From halfway 1974 up the second version is used. careful when you want to buy a 130 coupe. Many times one unit was swapped at a certain moment and the car has both versions which doesn’t look real nice.

if you can restore the headlights yourself I’m more than happy to advise how to proceed. There is no need to actually get the glass out of its frame as the risk of breaking the glass is high! once you have the reflectors out you can send these to der refektorklinik in Germany. They do an excellent job and when you get them back they will be better then when they left the factory. A good advise, if you decide to go ahead with this operation, restore the both headlight, not just one as you will see a terrible difference in brightness afterwards. And while you’re at it you can also have the small bits and parts galvanized of course. be careful here, not all parts can withstand the acid used in the galvanizing process!! call or WhatsApp me when you have doubts, no problem.