body colors

you can get quite a headache choosing the right color for your 130 saloon or coupe. Back in the late sixties and seventies other materials were used to paint cars. Paint that nowadays is not used anymore because certain hardeners can’t be bought anymore or are forbidden to use by law.

On the other hand with the new paints can come real close to the old ones using modern methods to measure the tone of your color. So at the moment two types of paint are most used, the one layer system and the two layer system. The one layer system covers the bodywork in one go leaving it with a shining gloss. This type of painting is now normally only used in the truck industry, but as said can also do for (UNI) colors, so not metallic.

Ok that being said I would like to at least share with you some of the recipes I had made for previous restorations. I’m a real critic when it comes to this and try to get closer when possible when it comes to having paint mixed.

So to start of with the color most of us know it will be the silvery grey 0616 both used on saloon and coupe. I have a saloon myself and this car is still about 80% in it’s origional paint. The quality of it is not strong as it’s a cellulose based paint, leave a cloth with a bit of thinner on it and the paint will react and damage. The good thing however is that it’s still the beautiful light grey which has a very nice effect, almost as a unicolor as there is hardly any metallic effect noticeable. the recepy for this color was made for me back when I did had to paint a part of the car and is of Dupont a good bodyshop should be able to make it with this: Renault640 alte+1%WB06

Blue metallic 0481 for both saloon and coupe

So one of the most used and beautiful colors for both coupe and berlina is the blue Metallic 0481 which gives the car a different look. I have two saloons of which one is in this colour. It was a intensive search to come as close to the original color and once we thought we had it my paint guy came up with yet another step closer. So finally we decided this was the best recipe for the blue metalizato, it’s a color used on the Aston Martin and calledSalisbury blue metallic. find the original container here.

So there are of course other alternatives and I also sometimes come across a sample which leaves such an impression I just got to copy it! Such car came along when I went to transport the car of an enthusiast in Paris. I was just blown away with this fabulous color and decided to once do one when the oportunaty would come along. Didn’t have to wait long time and what a combi we made of it! blue metallic with tan leather and all new. full report on this car is on this page and here is the car and the recipe for the color