changing front wheel bearings

So i will describe a method to get your wheel bearings changed and for a very reasonable price also.

The wheelbearings of our beloved FIAT have long time been difficult to buy. The measurements are not really standard and if you could find one the prices sometimes were sky-high (still are at some providers claiming its an original Dino or even Lamborghini bearing. Of course that’s nonsense! SKF is a manufacturer of these bearings as are several other compagnies. But the big new knowledge is that Peugeot users this bearing in it’s big 607 model. Hooray!! I say, because now the exclusivity of it is gone and you can get one sometimes for less than €5,- (yup five euro’s)

Now the difficulty also was how to get the thing out of it’s heavy housing. you need a special tool otherwise it will be a hard operation. Lucky enough this situation only applies on the front units, not the back. Now to begin with the front bearing you need a real big wrench to get the nit of the kingpin, (36) note that the Riverside (sitting in the car the left) has left turning tread. Once the nut is of you can pull of the house with the bearing in it. on the back you will find the big ring which locks up the bearing.This stuff is 50 years old and probably rusted a bit on it’s tread, so first of all drop the whole thing in a nice bath with penetrating oil, Coca Cola of anything you can thing of to loosen and clean the stuff first. I leave it in a bath for at least a week. Than you can start on the dismantling of the housing. VERY IMPORTANT!! the edge of the housing is knocked inside to prevent the lockup ring loosening itself during driving. Use a grinder to clean this part well so the ring doesn’t damage when you turn it out of the housing.

Regarding the special tool you need we are glad to tell you this is designed and fabricated by Elshout engineering who link for more special 130 parts is mentioned in my list of links. With this tool which fits perfectly in the sockets of the ring you can unloosen this and get it out. So now the ring is out of the way you can get the bearing out. DO NOT TRY TO HAMMER IT OUT!! It must come out using a hydraulic press.

So when all is out it’s a matter of cleaning everything well and fit in you new bearing. Of course you can grease the old one again but remember, the new ones are cheap. fitting the new bearing is the reverse operation. Remember to knock the small edge back after the ring is on it’s place to ensure the ring staying in place.