Bad, worse, near impossible , Madness!! the 05-70-NS

Who says it can’t be done? I Say hell yeah, it can be done! But the big question is WHY?

that’s simple, I just loved projects with lots of emotional value. They work on me like a giant magnet and just have to come back to life. The 05-70-NS was no exception. It was the very first time I saw a saloon 2800. My fathers car was a 3200 saloon and I was real surprised to see a completely different interior. Long story short, I traced the family who owned the car and started a life long friendship with them. Not only this saloon passed their hands. One son still has a coupe and a saloon 2800 with manual shifter and red leather (also described on this page) and the other son still has a coupe and two saloons including this fabulous family car. I guess I am a bit of an influencer……

and after the welding the straightening of all sheetmetal began using as little filler possible